Compatible with plus, mix, max machines

PWM signal

1. The third yellow interface line is the TTL control line, the voltage range is 3.3-12V, the frequency is 0-20KHz, and it needs to be grounded.

2. The input voltage of the red and black wires is 12V3A - 12V5A, do not connect them in reverse, otherwise the module will be damaged.

3. The power is not controlled by voltage or frequency, it is controlled by duty cycle.

NEJE Laser Module PWM signal specification Evanator (2021.3.16)

You may be wondering what PWM model should be entered for the laser module is the correct one. This article will answer your doubts.

Please download the following file:



Master 2 needs to install a slider module, because this module can only be installed on the sliding slot, you need to slide up and down to adjust the focus.

With adapter(laser pwm tester / laser switch board ) board, support 3d printer, cnc laser machine, other brand laser cnc machine, arduino project.




Get temperature


The 40W module can adjust the focus. You can first use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the focus to a fixed position, and adjust the focus up and down by sliding slot.

If you are cutting white plywood, it is recommended to use gray cardboard first, or find a small plate of fixed thickness to match the focal length. The focus position of cutting and engraving will be a little different, please refer to the picture below.



Although this module adopts internal air-assisted design, long-term use may not prevent dust or a small amount of smoke from affecting the lens. It is recommended to clean the lens with a clean cotton swab. Dust or smoke may overheat the lens and cause the lens to burn out. Re-acquire the lens Will delay your use.

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