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NEJE MAX problem with lightburn Evanator (2021.5.21)

Regarding the problem of max machine interruption in lightburn mode; among the 100 machines in March, some of them may have unstable factors. NEJE please contact customer service email,, if you encounter this problem, Initially, it can be solved by updating the firmware. If it cannot be solved, NEJE will send you a new motherboard for free. NEJE is very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! This problem is due to unstable factors caused by the shortage of chips. NEJE is committed to providing better services!

NEJE Laser Module PWM signal specification Evanator (2021.3.16)

You may be wondering what PWM model should be entered for the laser module is the correct one. This article will answer your doubts.

Please download the following file:


Fix laser temperature = 0 bug on Master 2S Evanator (2021.3.16)

Tips: you can choose the language of translation in the upper right corner of this page. Please download the following file for firmware update: fix.doc Update_8.2.rar

Notice:Evanator (2021.1.6)

the 2s version machine, the atmal chip is upgraded to the 32-bit GD32 chip, the 2s version machine will not support the benbox firmware. The GD32 chip supports the GRBL1.1f firmware. The GD32 performance is 50% higher than the STM32.

About NEJE Master 1/ 2(parts of master 2) GRBL_homingEvanator (2020.12.22)


Neje Master Laser coordinate issue after homingEvanator (2020.11.28)


This is the correct setting!

Firmware update, NEJE Master 2 GRBL firmware has updated the baud rate, and the compatibility problem of master 2 and lightbrun has been fixed.Evanator (2020.11.28)


The master 2s firmware supports up to 2M baud rate, which is currently the highest rate, you can download and upgradeEvanator (2020.11.28)

Lightburn software supports up to 2M rate


How to choose professional laser equipment for engraving, cutting and drawing (2020.11.28)

When you are looking for an engraving machine, we recommend that you consider your needs: cutting, drawing, engraving?

Cheap laser engraving machine and cutting machine?

Many users only pay attention to laser power and area, as well as price and video when purchasing products. However, they often buy unsatisfactory products. Currently, more than 90% of engraving machines on the market are products developed based on GRBL open source solutions. Many companies avoid the development process and use grbl directly for laser control. Since there is no need to develop a control system, it can bring very low costs. Although GRBL is a well-known control system, it has many disadvantages in controlling lasers. Laser control is difficult, it takes a lot of time to learn professional g-code knowledge and grbl software, and it takes more money to buy professional software, such as lightburn software; the acrylic structure is easy to damage during transportation and use, and it is easily damaged during transportation and use. It is easy to deform with the passage of time, resulting in poor mechanical accuracy and short life. They use cheap second-hand laser lasers, which are exposed and easy to assemble, without reliable cooling systems, process standards, professional knowledge and technology; more importantly, after-sales accessories support and warranty;

Is a larger area better?

In fact, you need to consider your actual use. If your application is based on engraving, I suggest purchasing a design with a lighter module, such as the master 2 mini. This design structure can scan faster than the master 2/ 2s or plus is twice the speed, because the weight of the module is light, so the maximum mechanical performance can be maximized and the jitter is smaller. If you want better engraving speed and cutting function, I recommend the master 2/2s 20W version. The module weight design and module power have a good balance. The gantry structure is more suitable for cutting, with a large area, but the engraving speed Because the module is relatively heavy, it cannot be adjusted too fast. If the speed is adjusted too fast, exceeding the maximum limit that the machine can actually accept, it will cause severe jitter. The neje series of products, from master 2 mini, master 2/2s, plus, mix, max, is a balanced transition from engraving to cutting performance. You need to consider your own application requirements, and choose lightweight ones for fast speed. Don't believe in the performance of the so-called 32-bit control chip. The only performance that can be improved by 32-bit is the moving speed. The cutting speed is determined by the laser power, and the engraving speed is determined by the weight of the module. Although NEJE has all been updated to the 2s version, that is, the 32-bit controller, and 100% adapts to the lightburn software, including the reset function.

About NEJE Master laser engraving machine, cutting machine!

NEJE Master machine is a full-featured engraving, engraving and cutting machine. It has comprehensive crafts and functions, and is very portable for desktop use. NEJE develops optical laser modules with different functions. Each module has an innovative design. , High reliability, can bring different process effects.

In the key structure, we canceled the acrylic structure and used CNC composite materials to improve mechanical accuracy and durability;

The laser uses the key diode cap technology, passed the standard process and aging test, to ensure that you can use it for a long time without failure, and the service life is 10,000-20000 hours.

The control system NEJE uses a dual MCU architecture to support NEJE's own development and continuously updated control system and GRBL control system. The NEJE control system is characterized by simple operation, safe use, and can provide professional engraving results for beginners. It has carried out many process optimizations specifically for laser control, and continuously created new usage methods, such as NEJE scanner, cloud database, and support MEMS roll protection, GRBL control system is a g-code control system for professional players, more professional, you need to learn laserGRBL or lightburn software to control.

Based on NEJE control software, the NEJE laboratory team continues to develop technology and software algorithm technology for laser processing, bringing more value to users.

-Speed about “Fast” and “Slow” modeEvanator (2020.11.15)

Hello, fast mode and slow mode are to solve the problem of module weight. The 20W module weighs more than 200 grams. Although it is already very light in similar modules, it is recommended to use a slow module with this module, but If it is a 7W module, because this module is relatively light and will not cause shaking, a fast module is recommended. The choice of mode is determined by the weight of the module. Neje has optimized the motor accelerometer to the greatest extent. If you have requirements for speed, it is recommended to use the neje master 2 mini machine, which is twice the speed of the neje master 2, because this machine The mounted module is very light and can be scanned quickly without shaking.

Is the recent version of the Neje master 2 plus 100% compatible with Lightburn software?

Currently master 2, 2s, master 2 / 2s plus, master 2s mix, master 2 / 2s max are 100% compatible with lightburn, and the 2s version is 32-bit, and the performance is 50% higher than stm32;

Can you tell us when the 32bit board may be coming out? I have read it doesn't increase speed much, but it would make pictures come out better. Like better detail and better shading. I would like to see a video of the 30w module engraving a portrait or something in the future :) I really want a master 2 Evanator (2020.11.5)

I am glad to discuss this issue with you. At present, the amtel motherboard can control 255 laser power levels. The 32-bit chip can theoretically subdivide more levels, but in fact, 255 laser power levels and 1000 power levels have almost no engraving performance. The difference is that the laser current and power are not absolutely linear. Under this resolution, the engraving effect is no different. Please don’t be misled by the so-called 1000 resolution. If you pursue better details and grayscale, you need to pay attention to the module. Wavelength, optical design, mechanical accuracy and movement speed, master 2 mini, 405nm laser can bring better grayscale and detail, because the absorption efficiency of 405nm wavelength can present better details. Neje will update the 2s version of the motherboard, and the master series will be updated. Customers who bought before, please don’t be disappointed. NEJE pursues engraving and cutting quality and does not have hardware performance. However, under pressure, it will also upgrade the control chip, but please believe, master The 2 series has the most perfect carving quality.

Are the 30W and 40W compatible with the NEJE Master 2?

Support, but need to install a sliding slot slider.

Laser power controlled by 255 or S1000 steps?

In the benbox control mode, the laser power is 0-L255, which means the power is 0-100%; in the GRBL1.1f control mode, the laser power is S0-S1000, which means the power is 0-100%.

About STM32 and atmel chips? (2020.10.31)

Regarding the 32-bit stm32 and atmel chips, atmel is the original grbl dedicated chip. The stm32 chip can increase the main frequency and can indeed increase the movement speed of the machine, but there is no increase in cutting speed and engraving speed! why?

Compared with atmel, the actual increase in cutting speed and engraving speed is not obvious. , Because the cutting speed is determined by the laser power, the engraving speed is determined by the weight of the module and the sliding module. The performance of atmel is completely sufficient!

So, don’t worry about your atmel performance is not strong enough.

Later we will upgrade this chip on all master machines. The chip performance is 50% stronger than stm32. The improvement that can be brought to the current machine is the increase in motion speed. Motherboard interface is compatible with existing machines.

20W laser fan stop working? (2020.9.2)

Note: For the New NEJE 20W laser module, the working status of the fan is determined by the temperature of the module, and the fan speed is dynamically adjusted according to temperature changes. When the machine stops working, the fan will stop working when the laser temperature drops.

LightBurn Software (2020.7.13)

NEJE Master2 supports LightBurn software with firmware GRBL1.1F.

LightBurn is a paid software. You can download it from the official website of Lightburn. This software is not developed by the NEJE team. You can use it for free for 30 days.

LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for your laser cutter. With LightBurn you can:

- Import artwork in a variety of common vector graphic and image formats (including AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP)

- Arrange, edit, and even create new vector shapes within the editor, with powerful features like offsetting, boolean operations, welding, and node editing

- Apply settings like power, speed, number of passes, cut order, brightness & contrast, dithering mode, and much more

- Send the result directly to your laser cutter

LightBurn is a native application written for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The laser module power is not the higher the better(2019.12.30)

The NEJE laser module is developed according to the actual process requirements. When you choose a laser, it is not necessary to use more power. For example, the NEJE 405nm 3500 module has a high power of 405nm and a very small focus. The short wavelength of 405nm is easier to Material absorption, all effects and precision are the highest. Its process features are high-precision engraving, gray-scale engraving and high-precision drawing images. The disadvantage is the average speed; 7W modules are good at high speed because of their light weight, small focal length, small focal point, and high power. Deep engraving, suitable for engraving logos and patterns; 20W module has a small focal point and high power, but is relatively heavy. It is good at slow depth engraving and cutting wood and paper pieces less than 5mm thick; you need to consider this according to your actual needs Several modules.

About NEJE Master Mechanical. (2019.12.30)

The actual mechanical area of the NEJE Master engraving machine is 170mm * 170mm. Software will be upgraded later to adapt.

NEJE machinery uses composite materials and CNC technology, the pads are designed with silicone, and the 4 feet have fixed hole design, which guarantees accuracy and stability. The technology of other manufacturers' acrylic materials is laser cutting, the accuracy is poor, and over time, the acrylic will bend and deform, and the accuracy of the machine becomes worse and worse.

NEJE 12V LaserModule Tester.(2019.12.30)

NEJE 12V LaserModule Tester V1.0 will be released. It can display the laser working temperature, you can set the PWM signal manually, you can receive 2Pin 3.3-12v TTL signal and display the PWM.

Important Notice(2019.12.29)

Users who purchased (NEJE 20W module) before October 2019 may experience laser attenuation. If your laser power is attenuated, we will replace it for free. We apologize for the inconvenience!

At present, all laser modules of NEJE will pass rigorous aging tests to ensure no attenuation of power and ensure that each radiator can control the temperature within the standard range for a long time. It can be used continuously without any time restrictions. The cheap lasers bought in the market do not have diode caps. NEJE has key core technology to control the effective life of the laser diode to 10,000-20000 hours, and promises a 2 year warranty! If your laser have problems, You can get it for free from the store you purchased, or contact the official service

The 20W lens has been updated. You don’t need to purchase lens to replace it. The new lens can adapt to engraving and cutting at the same time. The cutting light diameter can be controlled within 0.1mm and 5mm length.

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