The page is for NEJE master 3500, NEJE master 5W,NEJE master 22W

Please follow the steps below


Windows software:

System Require: win xp SP3, win7 win8, win10

DownLoad driver.exe

DownLoad windows software NEJE_V4.3_1004_EN.exe

DownLoad N-Scanner V1.0_EN.apk ( only supports Android phone ,work with windows software)

If your operating system does not have the Microsoft 4.0 environment installed, you need to reinstall the operating environment. If the software can be opened directly, you can ignore it:

DownLoad .net framework4.0.exe



1 x Y-axis assembly

1 x X-axis assembly (With Laser Module)

1 x Power Adapter (12V 2A)

1 x Glasses

1 x Kits nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_0.jpg


Prepare Machine

Connecting laser nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_2.jpg Install the X-axis assembly nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_3.jpg Screw on nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_4.jpg

nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_5.jpg Connecting the x-axis motor nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_7.jpg Fix the laser line with a cable tie nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_8.jpg complete nejetool.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_master_9.jpg Don't forget to connect the power supply and connect the usb cable to the computer.

The machine will automatically reset after turning on the power.

Open Software and connect to machine

auto connect

Operation tutorial

Prepare: Adjust the focal length

Step 1:where do you put items underneath it?

Step 2:How do you determine the working area?

Step 3:How do you increase/decrease image size?

Step 4:What should you set the various settings to, based on the working material (ie, depth, power, etc.)

Step 5:How to use the software and NEJE Scanner


none yet


— What materials can be carved, how to fix materials?

— Trouble shooting

— About laser head!

— How to replace the old laser tube!

— How to replace the motor assembly!

— Caution


The limit switch is easily damaged. Please pay attention to the external force when moving.

1. The laser power is at 12v 300ma, including the power of the fan 12v 120ma.

2. The software currently supports the common g code of common inkscape output. The g code and dxf elements that can be supported will be described in detail later.

3. This product is not a grbl open source solution, it is a firmware and software developed by neje itself. Use image engraving, not suitable for professional players;

4. This product supports any point positioning function in g code mode, and can be automatically reset, easy to use and operate

5. Professional cnc players can pay attention to NEJE new product release, we will produce The GRBL solution board for this model and the laser module that is easier to cut and engraving metal;

about dxf file : 1. Supports AutoCad2000, AutoCad2004, AutoCad2007, AutoCad2010 and AutoCad2013 dxf database versions. 2. Only Arc,Circle,Line,Spline,LwPolyline.


The belt may be loose due to aging, and if the image is found to be poorly printed, you can use the accessory tool to tighten it.

Make sure that the base of the machine has good friction with the table so that the machine does not jump when it is working. —

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