Fix laser temperature = 0 bug on Master 2S Evanator (2021.3.16)

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Notice:Evanator (2021.1.6)

the 2s version machine, the atmal chip is upgraded to the 32-bit GD32 chip, the 2s version machine will not support the benbox firmware. The GD32 chip supports the GRBL1.1f firmware. The GD32 performance is 50% higher than the STM32.

About NEJE Master 1/ 2(parts of master 2) GRBL_homingEvanator (2020.12.22)


Neje Master Laser coordinate issue after homingEvanator (2020.11.28)


This is the correct setting!

Firmware update, NEJE Master 2 GRBL firmware has updated the baud rate, and the compatibility problem of master 2 and lightbrun has been fixed.Evanator (2020.11.28)


The master 2s firmware supports up to 2M baud rate, which is currently the highest rate, you can download and upgradeEvanator (2020.11.28)

Lightburn software supports up to 2M rate


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